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Fully Electronic(Thyristo) Type Stabilizer

Fully Electronic(Thyristo) Type Stabilizer ( CPL )

1. Passed ISO9001 and CE 
2. Over current/voltage 
3. Phase sequence protection 
4. MCU control, no brush





(1) SCR control, digital circuits, stable and reliable

(2) Large-screen LCD, user-friendly, man-machine interface

(3) Three phases regulation, no contact, no abrasion, no spark and maintenance free

(4) Regulator speed to 60ms~220ms can be accessed by all types of generators (Up to actual electricity environment)

(5) Efficiency is as high as 1% or more than 98%, power consumption, save electricity, to save money

(6) Anti-interference, cleaning ability, so that the output power completely pure

(7) With overload, shortload, short circuit, lack of phases, and automatically by pass protection function


Dry advantages of non-contact voltage regulator:

1. Small size, light weight, suitable for long-distance transport, reduce your transp Enhance your competitive edge supplier of the best regulator ortation costs; 

2. Whole no contact, no brush, no wear, no maintenance once installed; 

3. A wide input voltage range can be customized non-standard ± 60% input voltage range;

4. Hhigh output voltage accuracy ± 1%;

5. The AVR’s can match any load type, especially unmanned operation of equipment in telecommunication centers.

6. Three-phase independent control of voltage, non-interfering, anti-lightning. 

7. Is widely used in communication base stations, telecommunications / broadcasting network, highways, machinery and equipment.